Руны, руны обучение

Runes. The Runes department.

Runes are one of the branches of ancient magical practices and constitute a truly holistic discipline. Just as a small is part of a large  that reflects all of its properties.


According to Scandinavian myths, runes were given to Odin when he voluntarily sacrificed himself on the world ash tree Yggdrasil.. And Slavic traditions also used runic writing that knew only some initiated in the true meaning of runes. They were volkhvs, veduns, warlocks, and priests..


Runic signs came to us from a distant era before the Migration period  when ancient memory was lost. We are the descendants of those who lived and thought in concepts that runic symbols carry within themselves, which means that this sacred knowledge is within all of us.. Runes are able to awaken this knowledge as a means of transmitting information.


That is why we take the most fully preserved runic alphabet for our study, namely the Scandinavian runes, the Elder Futhark.


In the Runes Department, students study runes. But not as a tool for divination and prediction — this is too little for such a deep subject as runic magic. Here, they study runes as a description of the world order, as a description of all energy-informational processes — from the structure of human consciousness to the structure of consciousness of the universe, which is the same thing..


A modern runemaster, like any other magician of the present, uses thousands of years of knowledge while keeping in mind that he creates mastery and binds runes not in the ancient tower, standing on top of the cliff. He lives in a high-rise metropolis during the era of worshiping the gods of technological progress. But today, as a thousand years ago, a runemaster weaves the fabric of reality, based on the same principles as his distant predecessors.

By studying runes, students comprehend these principles, discover them in and for themselves.


The Runes Department is open to students who have completed the first and second main courses of the Main Department «Liberation of Consciousness» and additional seminars to them. Asynchronous or with the group! The rules and conditions of admission to the department, as well as information about preliminary work, can be studied here.

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