About the school

Menshikova Ksenia Evgenievna 


– founder and head of the School, author of the books on the development of magic skills. Ksenia Menshikova never does personal consultations with anyone. You can leave all your questions on the message board which is constantly supervised by all the teachers of the school.

Books by Menshikova

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Youtube channel- videos of seminars and lectures


School Instructors:

Minevich Alla Borisovna (Minsk)
smk@wikimagic.ru (founder)
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– “Consciousness liberation” course instructor of the rune department, founder of Menshikova school since 2008. She will share with you the techniques of the school and guide you on the path of knowledge and power. Teaching courses One, Two, Three, and  Four of the foundation, Runes, and Elements departments.

  Nikolaychik Natalia Frantsevna (Minsk) 
smk@wikimagic.ru (add a note “For Natalia Frantsevna”)

– “Consciousness liberation” course instructor at Menshikova School, club lessons instructor of these programs. Teaching courses One, Two, Three, and  Four of the foundation department as well as club lessons on how to develop your senses. The work is based on the program “Clan Power.”

Sidelnikova Тatiana Aleksandrovna (Мinsk) 

smk@wikimagic.ru (add a note“For Tatyana Aleksandrovna”)


– teaching courses One, Two, Three, and  Four of the “Consciousness liberation” program (Basic level) as well as additional course lessons, Tarot department.

She will help you learn the skills you need in order to control your consciousness. She will patiently and carefully answer all your questions.

Leshchinskaya Tatyana Anatolievna (Мinsk)
smk@wikimagic.ru (add a note “For Tatyana Anatolievna”)



-teaching course One of the “Consciousness liberation” program as well as club lessons based on the school techniques of course One.

Korobkina Еlena Rifovna (Novosibirsk)
smk@wikimagic.ru (add a note“For Elena Rifovna”)


– course One club lessons of  the “Consciousness liberation” program based on Menshikova school techniques.

smk@wikimagic.ru (School email for general enquiries)