Controlling the energy of thought

Textbook for the course Three of the Foundation department

This book continues to introduce us to the possibilities of the human consciousness. This time it is about the realm of thought. 

Every person is made out of a multitude of hopes and desires, foolish things, and contradictions, feelings and emotions as well as sensations of the moment. Childhood fears and child cruelty, fear of the future and hope that everything will be alright – all these things, are constantly burning inside of every person, just like inside of a tiger. Lies and betrayal, indifference and resentment, fear and bitterness of disappointment, feeling of danger and curiosity, pain and boredom, longing and pity, passion and love, regret and dreams – there is so much of everything inside of us, people.

All these things, just like in a mirror, are reflected in your mental body.

This book will teach you how to change your life by changing your thoughts.

It will tell you how to change your reality by speaking the Word.

This book will help you uncover that deep layer of your subconscious potential that was hidden from you.

Take this power and dare to act!


Author: Menshikova K.E.