Goals and values. How to stop being like everyone else

Textbook for the training course “Goals and values”

Man´s destiny is defined by his values. If several people have the same values, the plots of their lives will be very similar. But if they do not like this plot and if they are not happy at the prospect of sharing their parents´ destiny, is there anything they can change?

Yes, there is! For that purpose, they would need to rewrite their values and dissolve the events that were programmed for their life as mandatory.

This is hard to do but it is possible. The key lies in following the correct technique. It consists in the process of special rewriting of the connections between the goals and values that are stored in your consciousness but hidden from you.

If you do everything correctly your future will become free from having to follow a programmed plot and you no longer need to use your own life to correct the mistakes your parent made. The control of the system becomes less powerful.

This book is based on the results of the work, being done at Menshikova’s School of consciousness development through magic. All students who changed themselves using this method have achieved substantial success in their lives, they completely or partially rewrote their destiny and karma – a program that creates events in our lives.

Author: Menshikova K.E.