Clan Power – a secret that belongs to a woman

Textbook for the course “Clan Power”

Clan Power is a book about the knowledge and power given to people by their clan. In this case, we will talk about the role of a woman in discovering and developing this power. The subject of a clan discussed in this book is extremely relevant today. There is plenty of seminars and psychological training courses on it. Family constellations, family psychology, psychotherapy – today, this is what people actively show interest in. This is because the family is the most precious and the most important thing that a person can have. But unfortunately, over the past 20 years, the value of the clan and family has been gradually diminishing in our society. Finances, income, and material resources have stepped into the picture. Of course, all of these things are important but they are temporary so people, especially women, understand it often not on the conscious but purely intuitive level  – it is women that are greatly responsible for the life and destiny of their children.

First of all, а clan is a set of rules and traditions. These traditions are a basis for the upbringing of new generations. It is a set of moral and ethical standards of our society and in many ways, it is a meaning and purpose of the life of the younger generation. As soon as people start losing and forgetting their traditions, they lose their basic life guidelines. What can it lead to? It is enough to look around. Ask 10 people: “Do you have a goal in life?” 9 out of 10 will not know what to answer.

This book is written for women. It is about the sacral clan knowledge, which is passed only through the women to the real custodians of this knowledge. A man gives power to the clan, a woman gives it information. What kind of information it is, what kind of mystery is hidden in a woman’s genes and how to awaken it – this is what the book will talk about. This book is meant to open up the inner potential present in every woman and it is precisely the knowledge of your clan that will help you determine certain conditions of your destiny. But in order to understand this, we need to perform a specific type of analytical work.

First, we need to learn and understand the structure of a clan and what kind of hierarchy exists within it.

Second, we need to determine our place in this hierarchy.

Third, realize the advantages and limitations of this place.

Fourth, find out what Power Flows are as well as how we can attract them using only the power and knowledge of our clan.

Women have the responsibility to know the mystery of their Clan. But it is very difficult to do if they are not aware of some basic laws. This book discusses such concepts as “egregore”, “clan egregor”, “clan power”, and “clan curse”. Without touching on mysticism or religion, I want to transmit to the women the real meaning behind these words. I want to make them understand that it is precisely their actions that family peace and wellbeing depend on.

The book “Clan Power” has plenty of historical references, examples, explanations, and illustrations to help you correctly draw your family tree and be able to interpret it. Women reading this book will find it interesting to discover that happiness, good luck, and money are quite possible to achieve once you learn to attract them in a proper way. This is a textbook for the program “A woman’s place in the structure of a Clan.”

Author: Menshikova K.E.