Runes reveal the mysteries of the world

Textbook for the course of the Runes department

Runes are magic symbols that people used in the pre-Christian era. Using runic signs they would change themselves and the world around. With the help of runes, they would cure diseases, attract love, send and remove curses, start and stop wars, have children and gain wealth. The one who controls this instrument controls the world.

This book is alive. It is built upon the real experience of real people who during 24 months studied runes. Over the period of 2 years, we were studying runes and transforming our consciousness. Members of the Rune group were writing essays – investigations on each rune they studied. This book is based on real experience of real people. These people changed themselves, rewrote their destiny, changed the destiny of their children and they talk about it on the pages of this book.

24 Runes determine 24 essential states of human consciousness. Changes that you make within yourself are the reason for the outer reality to change.

Futhark is the name of the rune symbols. It is divided into 3 AETTs, groups of 8 runes  – and there is a reason for that. The 1st Aett represents the powers initially given to man by nature. If he manages to awaken them, unthinkable possibilities for further creation and unbelievable life achievements open up for him. At this stage people uncover their abilities and talents, they understand their purpose. This is exactly what this section is focused on. The 2nd Aett represents the powers that man needs to develop in himself. Mastery and skill. The 3d Aett represents the results that man can and must achieve after he understood and integrated his talents, determined his purpose and developed mastery.

This book is more practical than descriptive: it uses different exercises, techniques, and tracks results. Runes have never been viewed in this light in literature or studies on this subject. Such masters as O. Shaposhnikov, A. Platov, and F. Asvinn have had a more close contact with it. But all these masters were studying runes from the point of view of mythology, they would link them to the old Scandinavian myths and considered them to be a magical instrument. However, runes have never been viewed in their applied aspect, as a psychological tool, a tool for transforming one’s own consciousness. This is why this book is unlike any other.

The book “Runes reveal the mysteries of the world” is meant for a wide range of readers with no age restrictions. It works with the Nordic tradition.

Author: Menshikova K.E.