Your subconscious is capable of everything or Controlling the energy of desire

Textbook for the course Two of the Foundation department

Emotions and desires are inseparable from human life. Emotions give rise to desires, desires make us act, and actions create reality. In fact, we аre living in a world of manifested desires. The problem is that we are far from being aware of all our desires, however very often it’s our hidden, subconscious ones that get manifested in life. We strive to achieve happiness but we get what we get. A conscious connection with a mysterious world of emotions and desires allows us to use its resources wisely and feel support from it.

Using the theory as well as simple practical advice and exercises given in this book, you will be able to:

– Direct  the energy of your emotions in order to manifest your desires

– Learn to use this energy to achieve positive results in your social and personal life

– Eliminate subconscious problems, fears, and negative emotional outbursts

– Remove contradicting programs from your subconscious that spoil your life

Mastering your emotions will allow you to achieve the magical effect of  “wishing for something without doing so.” As a result, you get a life that you want, as opposed to “the same thing again.” The ability to cope with your fears and doubts is the first step towards obtaining your magical power. Those who mastered the techniques of working with their Astral body eagerly take the path of magic and become successful on it.

Author: Menshikova K.E.