The real woman

Textbook for the course of Ad.lib department

Do you increasingly feel like you are fading away in the world around you and every time you try to draw attention to yourself you terribly fail? It’s time to remember an old unwritten rule – “Every problem has a root cause. Discover the root cause and you will solve the problem!” 

This book is magical. While you read it, it softly and gently reveals the deep layers of your subconscious, it exposes everything that stops you from having a happy and rich life. Everything happens naturally but instant changes start taking place in your life. While reading it, you will receive an impulse that is going to change the course of your life and make you take a completely different direction that will lead you to happiness, having a family, abundance, and love.

Do not rush and do not step ahead – make changes in your life gradually, and very soon you will be surprised at how much the world around you has changed!

This book was published under the title “365 tips for a real woman.”

Author: Menshikova K.E.