The key to knowing oneself or What makes you unique

Textbook for the seminar “Correct energy exchange”

When man knows himself and does not go against his own nature, everything goes well and right for him. But if every day he has to suppress his nature, live someone else’s life and play other people’s roles, then he can’t even dream of success and happiness. This book will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, your special psychological type and your unique energy exchange, that largely determine the course of your whole life. This book helps people define and understand who they really are. If people know and accept certain traits of their consciousness, they do not need to spend their energy on getting results that in fact, they do not even need. This book studies such individual aspects of personality as:

– individual psychological type

– basic energy exchange 

– essential sources of emotional nourishment

Based on this, the reader can determine for himself:

– who it is best to communicate with, how and why

– how to choose a job, business or occupation

– how to take your unique niche correctly

– who it is best to work with

– how to build your career

– how to choose your profession

– how to choose a spouse

– how to build your relationships

– how to raise your child

– how to see people’s  unique qualities and know what to expect from them

This book will help people avoid making mistakes that destroy their lives.

It is based on the method developed by the author. It is meant for a wide range of readers with no age restrictions. This textbook is designed for a training course called “Correct energy exchange with the world.”

Author: Menshikova K.E.