Twists of destiny or What dimension you are living in

Textbook for the course One of the Foundation department

You are holding a book that will help you change your life. It will help you to correctly assess all the circumstances and events that have led you to the situation you are in today. It will help you understand the twists of your destiny as well as the cause of disease and eliminate it. It will help you understand how thoughts manifest themselves in this world and what you need to do to fulfill your desires.

This book is a counselor. In each line, you will find information about yourself, your life as well as answers to your questions.

This book is a fellow traveler. You can tell your entire life to a casual companion you meet on a faraway journey without any fears or shame. In the same way, you can share all your troubles and deepest secrets to this book without being afraid of judgment or constantly doubting whether you would be understood correctly. Just like your fellow traveler, it will tell you all about itself, its life, and its secrets. It will share its experience with you simply and absolutely for free, without asking for anything back, except for your attention and participation.

This book is a healer. It will tell you about the cause of disease and misfortune, it will give you a good advice and tell you how other people managed to overcome similar difficulties. This book is a friend for it doesn’t need anything back from you. You don’t have to show off or have a sense of grandeur about yourself next to your friend. You can be weak and confused and he will never judge you for that. He will always support you even if you are wrong. 

This book is a teacher. It will tell you about yourself, about your life in this world, about how this world is built. It will show you your unique place in it and help you take it – it is only yours. Read carefully and don´t be afraid to ask questions. Your mindful and wise teacher will answer and help you understand the most complex conclusions you will make.

This book is about a human life. Is your life simple? Is it gliding smoothly or meets a thousand bumps and potholes on its way? Do you just make things happen or have to overcome obstacles even when solving the smallest issues?

Are you happy? Are you lucky? Why do you think of your life in this way? What makes you draw this conclusion?

This book will help you separate the needs imposed on you by human society from your own ones, the ones that come from your soul. It will teach you to understand what “substitution of concepts” and “substitution of values” are. Stepping ahead, they are the main reasons why you are not living your life and not fulfilling your destiny or satisfying your desires. This book will teach you not to be a tool or a toy in the hands of those who use you to satisfy their ambitions and solve their problems at the expense of your life force.

This book will change your life.

Go ahead, reader! If there is no fear in your heart and you strongly desire to make a change, if you know that your future depends on you only – you made the right choice for reading this book. You will be able to change your reality, become the pilot on the boat of your life, fill every minute of it with meaning and joy. All of this and more will be available to you. It’s simple. It is interesting. It’s engaging. What can be more interesting than getting to know yourself, changing yourself, and in this way, changing the whole world?


Author: Menshikova K.E.