Karma – the law of cause and effect

Textbook for the course Four of the Foundation department

This book is about working with such an intricate and compleх part of the human consciousness as the Superconscious. For a long time, it was strictly religion that was in charge of connecting to this unexplored area of the mind. But those who seek a different kind of knowledge, those who are not satisfied with different dogmas and commandments, will never agree with the fact that they have no right to know and understand things.

This book is for those who seek.

On the pages of this book, we will try to understand the complex notion of destiny and karma.

Is there a destiny?

Is it true that everything is always predetermined in people’s lives?

What is karma?

How does fate manifest itself?

In fact, considering this, should man try to undertake anything or it is meaningless?


Author: Menshikova K.E.