The art of controlling reality

Textbook for the course of Ad.lib Department

This book is about Magic through the eyes of Magicians themselves with no reverence or embellishments. It is a look from within at the amazing World with its possibilities and miracles that is called Magic.

Who are Magicians? What is their Purpose?  Can you become a magician or is this something reserved for the chosen ones?

The book “New Kind of Magic” gives you answers to these and many other questions. 

What is written in this book has never been written before since spreading this knowledge has always been forbidden, hidden from the profane. A real magician would either search for the answers to his questions by himself or receive information from his Teacher or Clansman. It was always like that because the balance between the holders of magical knowledge and the rest of the people always had to stay the same.

Today humanity is about to step into an era of great change. This is why after several thousand years, Magic as the art of controlling reality is now back in this world. There is a reason for that since Magic is nothing but a universal system of knowledge designed to change the lives of those capable of thinking. 

This book is written by those for whom Magic is not just a word or a tribute to fashion. Magicians, authors of this book, are sure that in this world, man´s life and destiny lies in his own hands and only he can affect the circumstances that lead him to fulfill his Purpose. This amazing book will tell you how to do it and why. It is designed for those readers who understand that if Magic exists in this World, there is a great meaning and great purpose for that. In 2011, “Tsentrpoligraf”  Publishing House released this book under the title “The Art of Controlling Reality.”

This book is a guidance manual for the course “Basic Theory of Magic.”


Author: Menshikova K.E.

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