T-0 Tarot Department

At Menshikova School, the main goal of movement along each line of development (departments) is evolution of the student’s own consciousness and a change in his or her contract with the world. The Tarot course is no exception. Reading and divination with the help of these cards, or with the runes, is not exactly what would help us. We need methods, means and techniques to change the very structure of consciousness, rewrite the basic rules and principles on which reality is built. And we use all magic tools exclusively for this purpose.

The Tarot, like the runes, is a magical tool. Through picture portals and runic symbols, we connect to the global programme that builds this world forming reality for all and each of us.

The Tarot is a very ancient system and whatever they say about it now or guess about its origin, the history of the creation of the Tarot card portals goes back centuries, to the ancient pyramids of Egypt, sacred tombs and Powers, whose force and influence the human mind is unable to comprehend.

The Tarot cards are information portals that, with the right approach, can connect the mind of an individual with the world’s computer, rewrite their programme and reprogram their fate at the highest level, both past and future.

With the help of the Tarot, you can:

  • Connect to the resources that store your memory – the memory of past incarnations. 
  • Influence your karmic programme by rewriting it in full agreement with the system.
  • Download information about yourself and change it.

We live in the information world – this is no longer a secret for those who have a habit of observing and analysing. Everything here is subject to the law of logic and mathematics; everything can be calculated and algorithmized. But is it for everyone? Fortunately, it is not – only those who managed to overcome all the barriers sewn at birth and to expand their consciousness to the level of understanding the system. This state of consciousness is called magic, and its carriers are called magicians.

Students receive a tool to use the Tarot for connecting themselves to the magic information layer and for the evolution of their consciousness. 

To achieve this effect, we use the immersion scheme divided in two levels:

Before the Tarot course begins, students need to purchase a full deck of Rider-White TAROT cards in very good quality.

Here is an example of poor quality                                             Here is an example of good quality


With cards printed carelessly, high-quality work will not happen. Please, do not save on the magic tools.

There is an introductory lecture video. You can order it here.