Minor Arcana

Tarot 2: Minor Arcana Course

At the second phase of this unique course in the Tarot, our students continue their evolution from the bottom up in spiral through the system of Sephiroth and acquire experience (mastery) at each evolutionary stage in order to consolidate their rights on it. 

The Tarot 2 course consists of 14 classes, just like there are 14 Minor Arcana cards in each of the 4 suits, where the suits represent the 4 elements. Classes take place in the same step-by-step manner as in the Tarot 1 course. Each step is given to a group of 4 Minor Arcana cards of the same value: deuces, threes and so on.

A break of at least a week between each stage is mandatory for successful transformation.

The process is not fast, but it is worth it. Those who finish it are rewarded generously – by changing the essence and strength, gaining magical knowledge and amending their contract with the system.

Additional information about the course can be found on the main page of the Tarot Department.

Admission: Tarot 1 and Elements 1 courses.

This course is taught in groups only.

The Tarot 2: Minor Arcana Course consists of 14 modules learnt in the following sequence:

  1. Deuces
  2. Threes
  3. Fours
  4. Fives
  5. Sixes
  6. Sevens
  7. Eights
  8. Nines
  9. Tens
  10. Pages
  11. Knights
  12. Queens
  13. Kings
  14. Aces