Element of Air

The Element of Air Seminar

This is the fifth module of the Elements 1 course of the Elemental Department.

This seminar aims at the separation from the one’s own inertial parts and learning to use the force of air to change the speed of time flow. The big emphasis is made on deep cleansing on the topic of air and the acceptance of a state of loneliness – the natural state of mind of the magician.

In this seminar students practice:

• Deep immersion into the element of air and awareness of its connection with the mental body.
• The ability to perceive and control the Power of Lonely Thought.
• Making of the air element amulet – an individual subject of power – and knowing how to work with it.

Duration: approx. 3 hours.

Admission: The Element of Water Seminar.

Self-study and group study options are available.