Element of Water

The Element of Water Seminar

This is the fourth module of the Elements 1 course of the Elemental Department.

The power of the element of water is one of the components of the flow of time. Here – deep cleansing on the topic of water is a guarantee of the absence of fear in the face of magic.

In this seminar students practice:

• Deep immersion in the element of water and awareness of its connection with the astral body.
• The ability to perceive and control the force of inertia.
• Immersion into the depths of their inner chaos – a source of strength for magical practices.
• Making of the water element amulet – an individual subject of power – and knowing how to work with it. 

Duration: approx. 3 hours.

Admission: The Element of Fire Seminar.

Self-study and group study options are available.