Prime Bases Basics Course

Prime Bases Basics 3-Day Seminar

This seminar begins the Elements 3: Transforming course and introduces the theory of prime bases. The projection of the prime bases into the consciousness is studied in detail, the connections between them are revealed, and the degree of their information content to this moment is determined.

This is the starting point, the diagnosis of the information readiness of the student’s consciousness for the necessary transformation.

Duration: 3 days for 3-4 hours. 

Admission: Elements 2: Experiencing course, Foundation Level 4 Course and an interview with one of the Menshikova School teachers.

This course is available in group study only.

The rest of the modules of the Elements 3 course are devoted to recognising, activating and rewriting each of the 12 prime bases. It does not make sense to describe each of them in detail, since only a few students reach this step. The approximate duration of each class is 3 hours and up to 6 weeks is given for independent practice between the modules.

The sequence of modules is as follows:

E-3.1. The Prime Base of Life

E-3.2. The Prime Base of Death

E-3.3. The Prime Base of Love

E-3.4. The Prime Base of Hatred

E-3.5. The Prime Base of Tradition

E-3.6. The Prime Base of Freedom

E-3.7. The Prime Base of Good

E-3.8. The Prime Base of Evil

E-3.9. The Prime Base of Light

E-3.10. The Prime Base of Darkness

E-3.11. The Prime Base of Order

E-3.12. The Prime Base of Chaos

E-3.13. Conclusion.


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