Runes: Second Aett Course

The second aett reveals qualities that must be realised and developed. This set of runes deeply affect the structure of personality, changing and adjusting it under the identified innate qualities found during the first aett. At this phase of the Runes 1: Elder Futhark course, the student’s consciousness and subconsciousness become coordinated.

In magical practices, teaching in magic starts only for those aspiring students who have reached at least the level of the Warrior Caste. The second aett helps to reach this necessary minimum level. 

Admission: Runes: First Aett Course.

This course is taught in groups only.

Runes: Second Aett Course consists of 8 modules (steps 10-17) learnt in the following sequence:

  1. Second Aett. The Hagalaz Rune
  2. Second Aett. The Nauthiz Rune
  3. Second Aett. The Isa Rune
  4. Second Aett. The Jera Rune
  5. Second Aett. The Eihwaz Rune
  6. Second Aett. The Pertho Rune
  7. Second Aett. The Algiz Rune
  8. Second Aett. The Sowilo Rune

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