Negative Situations as a Resource

This is the fifth module of the Foundation Level 4: Causal Body course. 

While inside a situation it is very difficult for a person to correctly assess it objectively – that is, from several points of view. Especially if the situation gives extremely negative emotions. Life circumstances can knock out a rut, and at this moment it seems that the whole world is opposed to a person, and no one needs him or her. This point of view is simply a weak person who lives according to the life scenario written in his mind.

Magicians will never allow themselves to descend into such a subjective, pitying attitude toward their own experience. They know that from every life event one can get undoubted benefit, even if it might seem fatal, terrible and woeful to an average person, because ordinary people evaluate what they experience solely from the point of view of pleasantness and unpleasantness of the emotions and sensations experienced.

Magicians will assess any (!) situation from the standpoint of studying cause-effect relationships. And, of course, they will try to extract the maximum profit from everything – for themselves, for their experience and for their existential mass.

Any situation can be assessed differently. The trouble of an ordinary person is evaluating the consequence only, rarely touching the cause, using only one method – the standard one that was taught. Magicians evaluate not only the cause, but also the effect and do it in completely different manners. Thus, an ordinary person forms only one algorithm of the future development of events and becomes tied to it rigidly. A magician forms multiple algorithms and is not tied to them at all.

Those going along the magical path of transformation must have a tool in their arsenal that will allow them to see the benefits in everything. This will strengthen their abilities and give them a significant increase in their existential mass.

Developing this tool and fixing it in the mind and bringing this programme to perfection are the goals and objectives of this seminar.

Duration: 3 hours. 

Admission: Foundation Level 4: Causal Body Basics seminar.

This class is available in group study and self-study. Pre-recorded videos can be ordered from the Menshikova School shop.