Anti-Karmic Programme

This is the second module of the Foundation Level 4: Causal Body course. 

This seminar is devoted to the concept of karma. This word, which has entered our life so powerfully, is usually associated with the word “inevitability”. This is partly true. But only if a person does not want or cannot learn from the experience, become aware of heir ineffective actions (mistakes) and learn to do better.

Karma, or the karmic chain of events, is the inevitable inclusion of a person in a certain series of events. Those who exchange their human life and fate for the life and fate of a magician, must learn to rewrite their preexisting karmic chains. That is, they must be able to develop an anti-karmic programme.

Like any programme, it consists of two main components: energy and information.

Energy is the force that determines the life of a programme and its vitality in a common causal space. Information is a system of commands which prescribes a sequence of steps, situations, and a desired result in this common causal space.

The main task in designing such a programme is to eliminate the subconscious conflict associated with the possibility of actually achieving the postulated goals.

When ordinary people, whose consciousness is filled with fears, biases and stereotypes, begin to strive for something to happen, they do not even realise that while dreaming about it, they make everything possible so that their dream will never come true. Why is it so? Because they are very afraid to get the desired result. Because deep down they know perfectly well that this can change their life, end their stability, break old ties and take out from their life the people to whom they are attached today. All these fears are the real brakes that prevent dreams from coming true and desires from being fulfilled.

An anti-karmic programme destroys these unconstructive fears, removes the conflict between the consciousness and subconsciousness. Immediately after launching such a programme, life circumstances begin to change and new opportunities and options appear.

The principle of developing an anti-karmic programme also forms the basis for the mastery of programming causal events.

Duration: 3 hours. 

Admission: Foundation Level 4: Causal Body Basics seminar.

This class is available for group and individual study. Pre-recorded videos can be ordered from the Menshikova School shop.