Search for Your Totem

Additional modules of the Foundation Level 1 Course

 F-1.07 Search for Your Totem

The etheric plane is a space where the sensations of all living beings, existing or living on this planet, are represented. In this space, you can find not only the energy of people, but also of birds, animals, plants and even minerals. The whole world is filled with vibrations of the living, it breathes, pulsates and plays.

To hear and feel this means to find living allies and helpers in the world who will strengthen your vital beginning many times, protect and aid.


Formerly our distant ancestors lived in close connection with nature. Humans did not just feel – they knew that everything was connected: gods, people and animals – everything is the essence of one thing. Each family had its own totem – an animal guardian. This was later manifested in heraldic symbols.

Each of you also has your own ally, your protector. It is important to find it, establish a connection and learn to interact with it. 

As a result of this class, students:

  • Get a skill of establishing contact of their consciousness with the common space; 
  • Discover their personal totem 
  • Achieve a significant increase in intuitive abilities
  • Find a patron-protector.

This class is most effective when carried out in nature.

Duration: approx. 3 hours. 

Admission: Foundation Level 1 Basics Course. 

Pre-recorded video seminar can be ordered in our shop.