Foundation Level 5: Buddhic Body Basics 3-Day Course

The buddhic body is one of the highest levels of consciousness, it controls the system of significances, values ​​and beliefs of a person.

The “control panel” of all processes that occur in the mind is located at this level. How consciousness works depends on how the buddhic body is formed. All life values ​​are written there. All beliefs are reflected in it. All priorities are placed precisely at this level of consciousness. By altering the system of significances, we learn to reconfigure our “unchanging” structure, completely transforming our life and destiny.

Rewriting the system of the buddhic body means getting a new treaty with the world. Students learn to draft it correctly, competently, considering all laws and regulations, with full awareness of mutual obligations.

All the existential mass gained at the previous levels of work is fixed here. The rewriting of the buddhic body is a coda for which the whole long way of transforming oneself has been done. Here, students set their right to resources. The right to money. The right to love. The right to power. And, of course, the right to magic.

A magician differs from an average man in that he or she knows the price of each right. The treaty that is concluded with the system is transparent and understandable to both parties.

Programming one’s buddhic body is pure mathematics. In this course we study the rules and standard algorithms developed by many generations of magicians.

Course contents:

• Buddhic body structure
• Setting values ​​according to new priorities
• Command writing
• Formation of the law of the system, the intention of the system and the meaning of the system
• Conclusion and debugging of the new contract.

Course results: 

• Global changes in the personal contract lead to global changes in life 
• A new personality is being formed 
• New egregorial ties are being established.

Duration: 6 days for 3 hours. 

Admission: Foundation Level 4: Causal Body course and an interview with one of the Menshikova School teachers.
This course is available in group study and self-study. Pre-recorded videos can be ordered from the Menshikova School shop.

This seminar begins the Foundation Level 5 course.

It is recommended to learn the rest of the modules in the following sequence:

F-5.1 Controlling the System of Significances

F-5.2 Nucleus Strengthening

F-5.3 Strengthening the Body of the System

F-5.4 Strengthening the Living Space of the System

F-5.5 Strengthening the Dead Space of the System

F-5.6 The Egregorial Structure of the World. The Hierarchy of Egregors

F-5.7 Personal Egregor Creation

F-5.8 A Personal Egregor for Goals Setting.