The Foundation Department. The World is Full of Magic. The Power of the Elements

What Will Help to See the Magic of This World?

Many people want to see the magic of this world, but it does not always work.
So, what helps to perceive this world as magical?

The elements move man’s consciousness not to magic, but to sorcery. And sorcery is a mandatory step through which you can enter true understanding of magic. Sorcery is just a form of magic, its external manifestation, like your reflection in a mirror. It still does not reflect the whole picture, but it gives an impression and, as a rule, this impression is always very pleasant. Because by the word “sorcery” we usually mean something nice, and by the word “witchcraft” ─ not so much. But these are two sides of the same coin, because from our mirror side sorcery is reflected, but from the reverse side ─ witchcraft

And without passing through this door, magic as a science and magic as a discipline cannot be grasped. The elements will bring us closer to sorcery by leading us to this door, but how to open it should be resolved by ourselves, depending on what we need from this world: whether to limit ourselves to its sorcery function, or still move on, look at its other possibilities, on its reverse, dark side.


Indispensable Qualities in the Transformation Process

The first virtue is attention. This quality will allow you to approach this door and see what you have not seen before. Therefore, your desire determines how much you need this work and how much you really want to see the world in this colour. In no case should be forgotten that developing the quality of attention should take in the real, social world, in the usual environment of people.

And it may happen that the people around you, who are used to seeing you in one certain quality, will not accept the new worldview. Therefore, take a safety precaution regarding the building of your new magical worldview ─ discuss what is going on at present only with those who are guaranteed to understand you, at least until a certain time. For example, those people present in the group during the classes are this primary team that can understand you. 

As for your loved ones, be extremely careful, because changing the outlook always requires accuracy and delicacy. The worldview can be stiff and, sometimes, not so much. Those with a rigid worldview have difficulty in changing it and may perceive anyone who can do it as enemies. Therefore, if your loved ones are dear to you, if you want to keep them with you for a while, try to be sensitive in this regard.

The Foundation Course Level 1. The Etheric Body. Duration: 4 days.

The second quality you will need is sensitivity. There is a lot that depends on the development of sensitivity, because the elements in the mind and body today may not manifest clearly, moreover, there may be certain blocks ─ some programmes that forbid sensing and feeling it differently than accepted. And we are gradually removing these blocks during the elements course. Our task is to develop sensitivity to such an extent that the elements are not just seen, understood, known, but felt. And for this, you need delicacy not only towards those around you, but also towards yourself.

Support classes on the main methods taught in the school of Ksenia Menshikova.

The third quality is the absence of visible fears to touch to your depth, to the depth that you might not be aware of. Because touching those elemental forces or combination of them that gave rise to you, may produce a state of shock, and shock, as a rule, is expressed in unmotivated, unauthorised, and incomprehensible fears. The astral body cleanse, the Foundation Course Level 2 technique, will facilitate their removal. First, you need to remove the top layers. And then, different techniques taught on the higher-level courses, including the Elements Course, will allow you to clean them all out more precisely and delicately.

Diagnosis and correction of lesions of the astral body (AB cleanse)