Relations in the Life of Someone Who Follows the Path of Magic

A person who has embarked on the path of magic sooner or later asks the question: “What to do with the attachments to the social world?” After all, one of the most important conditions for a magician is liberation from the attachments and significances and acceptance of the belief that there is no better thing than another thing.

Does this mean that it is necessary to limit your own desires, to forbid yourself to feel, to experience emotions, and to suppress the need for communication and getting some experience in the social world? Not at all. As long as there is inner need to gain experience, as long as there is desire, health and strength, you should allow yourself to take everything what the social world has to offer. It is important to remember that a person who is going to magic and an accomplished magician cannot apply the same requirements to themselves. Lack of attachments and significances will be the end result if a seeker pursuing magic does not turn off the path. Still, to go through the path itself, the absence of attachments and significances is not a requirement.

The basis for the transition to the state of magical consciousness is leaving the inner circle, that is, filling up the prime bases of Life, Death, Love and Hate.

If a prime base is not full, if there is such an experience that has not been passed through and grasped, then the risk of self-deception grows. You can tell yourself as much as you want that you are free from attachments and for you all relations are equal, but deep inside you will be unbalanced. The more you strive to prove to yourself that you are in balance, the less balanced you will be. Self-deception and suppression only rock the pendulum: in an effort to limit your connections in a directive manner, you will become even more dependent on them. Thus, you need to be as honest with yourself as possible and not to prohibit yourself from getting experience that is laid down according to the law of nature.

For a magician, as well as for someone who has embarked on the path of magic, there is no need to interrupt all social contacts. The environment of people is a great field for activity. There can be as many contacts as possible, the main thing is that these contacts should be equivalent, that there should be no distortions and preferences. And, an equivalent attitude to all relations is precisely the result of getting full experience of the inner circle.


If, according to the law of nature, someone has to go through a certain experience, then it is necessary to pass through it. Not currently hating anyone does not mean that this prime base (Hate) is full, but rather you are in such a period in life. Later, the pendulum can swing in the other direction, and while it sways and knocks on the prime bases, you will be getting experience inside this circle. If you restrain this process, then in the next incarnation you will come with the same task, but less time will be given for passing this experience and you will have to learn faster and more intensively.

It is important to realise that all those who have not solved all the questions in the inner circle for themselves but are in a hurry to become magicians, only complicate their way: sooner or later, an unmet need will manifest, and a rollback will happen. That, which was restrained, will rush in a stream and carry away everything that was built with great difficulty. And everything will have to start over. And not everyone will have the strength to do it.

It is important to understand that getting experience in the social world does not diminish a seeker in magic in any way; the main thing is to stop comparing yourself to someone else. Everyone has their own way and their own lessons to be learned along the way. And, if the desire for magic is strong, then this path will be passed with dignity.

Excerpts from the video lectures

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