Foundation Department. The Power of Totem

What Is a Totem?

Animals of the entire planet live in a single collective mind. Accordingly, they have one brain for all. How many were born, died and were born again in the world of animals of this or that species? Billions. During all the time they have accumulated tremendous energy power.

There is also an information component there, it is just rather primitive: how to survive and leave offspring behind. But totemic symbols are not called symbols by accident. Since time immemorial a large number of people have worshiped them. Previously, each clan, each family had its own totem symbol – meaning that the consciousness of people was also connected to the same energy-information volume. And this is information of a slightly different quality, of a higher order. Thus, the totem force, the totem mind, was formed and later became known as genius. And this genius, which includes the enormous power of animals, living creatures and people incorporated there through this symbol and the right to contact this living creature, gives people access to the huge energy-information resource.

An egregor is a speck of dust compared to the powerful totem force!

All shamanic practices are based on this quality: discover your patron-spirit, find it in yourself and make it dominant. And then you get the opportunity to use the power of this spirit and all the minds that are related to this spirit, both humans and animals.


Humans have the right to strength for survival. If your ancestors, as a heritage in the flesh, blood and genes, left you the rights to connect with your ancestral totems and with your old Deities, then you have the right to use them under the conditions dictated by the general rules of the relationship with the ancestral spirits and totems. But how it is going to be exactly – you will discover for yourself: dreams, signs and little changes in your reality will follow your request.

Animal consciousness should not be frightening. Yes, this consciousness is straightforward and simple just like a corner of a house. But each medal has two sides. On the one hand, the mind will be slightly sick, and the intellect will temporarily decrease to the limit. But the reverse side of the medal will also appear – the quality of survival.

Remember – this is not for long, you just have to go through it. Nothing terrible will happen if you appear a little bit as fools in the eyes of someone. So what if we are talking about survival. Your predecessors, the students of the Menshikova School, have gone through this, and none of them has lost their social achievements. And later, they have gained even more, because people are driven to power. Why does this effect appear?

The fact is the vibrations of the Earth show themselves up not only in the first chakra, but also in the buddhic body – and this means that people are going to see a person as a very significant figure, virtually, as an egregorial leader.

With each step it is going to be more and more interesting. We move from simple to complex; uncomplicated animal consciousness is part of our evolution. And since we were this way, then the memory of what we were doing when our consciousness was living on the first chakra has to do with us directly. So, we have the right to all survival algorithms and bonds with our totemic and ancestral forces.

Remember – it is possible to reach this right only through the vibrations of the earth, meaning that all human intellects must be temporarily put somewhere to rest.

Excerpts from the seminar “Search for Your Totem”.