Foundation Department. Karma

How to start working with karma?


We can’t live without karma because essentially karma is our support and salvation. Recently, in our everyday life and in our culture, this term has acquired a negative connotation and we can´t help perceiving it like that. But even in classical literature, karma can be not only negative but positive as well: not from the point of view of the emotions you experience, not from the point of view of your mental attitude towards different events, not from the point of view of your circumstances, but from the point of view of the end result.


The first task is to analyze the word Karma on a mental level. The most difficult task of the 4th course where we work with our causal body is to stop evaluating your circumstances based on your astral body, move up to the causal body and see the pure mathematics of things – we need to see ourselves as a function. If you manage to do it you will move forward, otherwise, you will have to stop at the level of the third course, at the level of the mental body and stabilize yourself there. It is about our worldview: a person either supports a heliocentric model of the world or a geocentric model. Either the world revolves around you or you revolve around it. Unfortunately, we can do nothing about it until our soul and our consciousness are mature enough so it becomes irrelevant what revolves around what. Until that is done, we need to go through our lessons and our mistakes either on this or that side of the picture, there is nothing we can do about it. Don’t blame yourself if you are lagging behind somewhere or you don’t understand something in the 4th course. It’s just that everyone takes their own time getting results.


Studying at Ksenia Menshikova School will provide you with a certain kind of knowledge and help you cover this distance faster and with lesser damage. But do not expect any specific moves that you were able to make while cleansing your astral body: very obvious steps, and very obvious results. Here you will go through every single string and little by little analyze and understand the mathematical patterns of how events are created. For this to happen you need to stop seeing yourself as a person. You need to see yourself as a simple function that is doing something here for this world. And on the other hand, you have your own I-am as a source and structure for gathering experience. But your I-am is nobody’s business apart from you, nobody cares about it. The World, Gods, reality, and egregores only care about the function you serve here. If you serve the function designed for you, the one you once agreed to serve in your life, it will not stop your I-am from gathering the experience you want. That is the agreement. But if you do not serve your function and try to force the world to gather experience for your I-am, it will not do that.

The maximum priority task at the level of the karmic body is to identify those mathematical patterns that work according to the principle: “If – then”. The minimum task is to fix certain system errors in your consciousness. You will manage to do it only if you switch from the geocentric model of the world to heliocentric, which means you don’t think that the world revolves around you. You are a tiny atom, a tiny microbe in the vast space. You need to understand that your task of accumulating experience and your existential memory space is not interesting to anybody but you. There is no living or non-living being that would have any interest in that.

Foundation course Four. Causal body. 3 days

If you understand it, you journey through life will be free from expectation and from thinking anybody has to help you or owes you something. On the one hand, it is very unpleasant and on the other hand, it frees you, gives you free rein as well as a huge resource.

Your karmic body is formed throughout your life and how it is formed is your personal issue: good or bad, important or not, having a lot of experience or not. No one will be responsible for it but you.


When we work with our causal body, first of all, there should be no emotions. We shouldn’t cling to our circumstances thinking they are unique. We tend to think no-one has ever been through what we have been through. We tend to imagine: “I am the only one who has been punished by God in this way.” It is so comforting to think you are so unique and God creates obstacles especially for you.  Your buddhic body creates events and if in this body there is a point of view of reality that makes you believe you are unique, nobody is going to shatter it. In fact, you will be constantly manipulated because of it. You will be forced to go through the situations in which you will voluntarily give up your rights, energy and time, feeling unique and amplifying your sense of self-importance and ego.

Emotions are good when there is space for them. When you do something for yourself and on the functional level, you understand you are doing it not inside of yourself but in the outer reality, then emotions can be very damaging for you. You need to slowly move up from the astral body and from your emotions. First of all, you need to get rid of the feeling of self-importance and see your own function. At the moment in this world, it is rather small but it will get bigger if you learn to manage time. It is your function that will become bigger – not you.

Author: Menshikova K.E.