Ad Lib. Department. Ghosts

How Do Ghosts Appear?

Every person in his or her life has ever heard of ghosts, and some have even seen them.

Usually ghosts are found in ancient places. For example, in castles or in certain structures inhabited by people. It is there where the living souls put down their roots, which grow quite tightly. But why cannot we meet a ghost in the forest or in the desert? Because there is no reason for people to root there.  

Why does a ghost stay for a long time in a certain place?

This happens only if a certain ritual has been performed: such as tying a person to the land, where ghosts are to be found later on. Earlier, before the construction of a large family structure (for example, a castle), knowing clans performed a ritual of sacrifice. In ancient times, a victim was chosen from people. Now, when performing this kind of ritual, animals are used. A rooster, a dog or a sheep may be killed. In our time this is normal in pagan practices.

It is believed that the one who has been sacrificed is tied to the place or to the moment for which he was sacrificed. And he becomes a kind of consciousness withdrawn from the general information space, which is engaged in performing the function of a guardian of this place. So, a dog or any other animal becomes the home protector.

Every locality had its own features and conditions for choosing a sacrifice for the ritual. For example, the first woman passing after sunset along the road, or the first one crossing the gate of the courtyard… There were a great number of rituals. After such a ritual, a person remained forever as the spirit of this castle. He was no longer withdrawn from this space, no one could claim rights on him, and he was tied to this place.


We know a huge number of stories when improperly buried bodies, which were buried, hidden or embedded in the walls, became tied to these walls. Such legendary stories tell that spirits, ghosts were asking to bury them according to a certain rite so that they could break away from the place to which they are attached. 

Why is reburial important for a ghost?

For a spirit to leave the land, a person needs to be reburied according to the Christian rite, and a certain ritual should be conducted over him. As a result, the light channel opens, and the soul leaves through it.

Sometimes a person gets strongly attached to his house by holding certain rites there or bringing vows of a black magic nature. And the black magic character of rituals is always associated with calling entities from the space of the Earth, the chthonic deities, for help. The word of the Mother Goddess herself is always the law. It was not for nothing that it was believed that the true power could only be obtained by a ritual of marrying the Earth. She was the one giving the right to power to the ruler. The black magic ritual calling to a certain kind of forces ensures the right of such consciousness not to leave this land and this world and assign this right to him.


All the rituals that are performed using these forces, energies, words, and calling to chthonic entities, in the same manner, rewrite a person from the information world of light into the information world of darkness. He becomes attached to a certain place, to a certain Earth, and to a certain space, which he cannot leave, and therefore a person cannot reincarnate.

Chthonic power does not imply rebirth. It simply means a different form of life. The time line of ghosts changes the vector, they live in a different time, they see differently, and they behave differently. A ghost does not consider himself dead. This is the state of people who have died but they do not know about that and continue to live the same life. And all living souls are seemed to them as slightly different objects. They see people just like a human sees a wall or a statue.

It all depends on which vector of time a ghost lives. Basically, the presence of a ghost at a certain place is the consequence of the fact that the same individual or someone else has conducted upon the person, who has turned into a ghost, a black magic or chthonic ritual, calling for a certain kind of forces, that has prevented this consciousness from leaving this land and this world, and has secured this right for him.