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A series of pagan holidays “Samhain”.

1st of November.

Starting from this day, Earth falls asleep for six months. The power of the element gradually diminishes and it can´t affect what happens to its children any longer. It can´t help the weak or call the strong to order. That is why all the people and non-people, spirits and half-spirits, the inhabitants of all the worlds are left to their own devices, their own will. The law does not control them anymore and the only thing that matters is their positive desire to live in peace with the people and between each other.

At the moment of transition, on the night of Samhain, a curtain is raised between the world of the people and the dark world of the dead. Our worlds get so much closer to each other that the mutual influence becomes possible without any limits. On this night, the dead can bring the living to justice and the living can do the same to the dead; it is the only night when you can claim debts from the ones who departed for other worlds. But according to the principle of reciprocity, they have every reason to do the same. That is why on the eve of Samhain, it was customary to remember the dead and call the ancestors – it helped not only to somehow mollify the angry dead but to call on the power of one´s clan for help on this fatal day.


Help and support were needed. From this night on, the power of the Earth ceases to support the people.  Hence, the connection with one´s roots and one´s clan is weakened and the steady ground seems to crumble under the feet. If the living person has not achieved anything in life by himself, if all his strength and importance were based only on what his ancestors had achieved, then the Night of the Spirits revealed it immediately. Dark forces are cruel and unmerciful teachers. The night of Samhain thus became the night of the last test for anyone. Dark energies coming out of wide open doors of Samhain, destroy all the illusion that was created earlier.

The young god left into the world of Darkness, into the world of Nine Ancient Mothers, air and water fell asleep. The period of timelessness has arrived and nothing empowers man as an independent individual – neither the power of his clan nor the power given to him by his Orleg. Will he be able to hold his ground? At this moment, each person´s Wyrd is subject to evaluation – it is his personal destiny as a measure as well as his right to influence his destiny with his mind and will.

On the night of Samhain, the doors leading not only into the worlds of Death and Darkness were opening up. It is the time when the power of the Earth cannot exercise its full will. It is very vulnerable to the arrival of the “alien fire.” Fiery gods from different worlds can penetrate into the world of the Mother through the open gates in order to capture their conductors – those “assembled” of the four elements, those who can feel and absorb the energy of the element of Fire and pass it on to the Earth, those who live in the flow of time of the elements of Air and Water. Such conductors are human beings.

Alien Fire can be very powerful. So powerful that for the weak beings of the human world it is often difficult to resist the will of the new fiery alien gods. They are brought on the spears of the soldiers from the foreign lands, they are carried in their bags by the “weak” refugees, they are brought by merchant boats, hidden safely in the piles of silk and gold. They can come unexpectedly with the smiles on the faces of the missionaries wearing white shirts. They can appear from anywhere and look like anything. How do you recognize them? There is no way. But they will be powerless if instead of the weak consciousness of a slave they will encounter the strength and the stamina of a warrior; if man himself, torn away from His roots by the magical power of the Spirits of Samhain, shows that his power hasn’t diminished, that together with his ancestors and his gods he is exactly the same as without them – strong, true, resilient, and free. And then no new “light-bearer” is a threat to him: like a son at a private room of his sleeping Mother, he will guard her and not let a stranger-rapist come in.

This is a magical parable. But the magicians and druids of the old time took everything that happened on this day very seriously. The most essential and important rituals invoking the power (not only honoring it) were held precisely on the Night of the Spirits. Magicians of the old time would simultaneously perform the rite of “holding the fire”. To complete this ritual, a druid and a magician had to rely on the strength of not only the most resilient and the most faithful of the human tribe. Other children of the Mother had to stand next to them, shoulder to shoulder: powers of the world of Darkness and Light, spirits of the forest, spirits of the river, all the powers of nature that are still awake, and all the ancient powers that are no longer asleep. They called upon the Ancient Gods from the other Worlds as well as the Path Keepers, who had to guard the borders of the Worlds and not get involved in the affairs of humans. On this night, despite all the previous confrontation, old childish conflicts had to be forgotten: before a common threat, all the children of the Mother had to remember about the bond they had through her and realize the presence of a completely different enemy.

This is exactly why the ritual of starting a fire was so important on this night. No one had the right to start a fire until the druid did it, until the magician read all his spells and built a channel of connection with the primordial Fire, until all the powers that agreed to defend the sleeping Mother-Earth stood together with the people, shoulder to shoulder, back to back and not against each other.

When a druid started the magical Fire, he would attract it in that essential form that is not meant for the people. This is the fire of Zeus-Jupiter, the fire of Semgarl, the fire of Dagda, the fire of the Fomorians, the flame of Surt – the strength and the essence of the firstborn Titans. Only the ones that were there at the very beginning could stand against the stranger. But the important thing is that all the children of the Mother while getting ready for the upcoming night of the battle of Ragnarok, today must stay together, in harmony, and without any confrontation between them. Do no “coax” but negotiate; do not ask, but listen when someone asks; do not call, but be called upon.

It is not the white and dark that start the battle on the night of Samhain, it is all of them together against the one who divides them into “the white” and the “the dark”, who divides the brothers and separates them from their  Mother Earth. This is the reason why later Samhain was called  “the time of reconciliation” or “the time of peace”. Today this meaning is forgotten, but the name remains the same. It is even revived in an unexpected place and in an unexpected form. 

The Celtic tradition was centered around the day of Samhain. It was Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the starting point and the moment of paying back. The principle of “From Samain to Samain” existed mainly for those whose life was not dedicated to working on earth. That was the principal of the higher castes: warriors, rulers, the elite, and of course, the magicians-druids.

Françoise Leroux writes in her work “The Druids”: “All the notorious mythological events are focused around it (Samhain), they acquire their own foreword and epilogue in it: it seems as if all of the time is compressed in it.”


Of course, at that time it was considered perfectly normal that alien power would absorb the weak consciousness of the people who failed to stand the final test of the dark spirits and proved themselves unworthy of the power of the Mother and the power of their ancestors. But how hard it was to imagine that soon everyone would turn out to be the weakest and everyone would betray their gods, abandon their Mother for the questionable right to obtain the “heavenly kingdom,” having given up their earthly kingdom without fighting. But the law of Samhain is firm: only together we can win.

The Slavs called Samhain the Night of Veles. Veles is the god of the general order of the world, werewolf god, lord of magic and lord of all things secret, he is the ruler of the crossroads and the god of Nav. He owns the worlds of Yav, Nav, and Prav. He opens the gates between the worlds and also helps the living to receive the blessing (power) of the ancestors who have gone into the world of Nav. On this night, Magicians as well as their brothers-druids called for the “clean” fire of the God Semgarl and established contact with the grandfather Svarog. The goal is the same: the upcoming great battle on the Kalinov Bridge. Our Fire-gods against the gods of the alien empty fire.

On this night, every magician tries to make his contribution into the union of the worlds, into the reconciliation of all the Old Gods as well as the restoration of the ancient connection between all the children of the Mother. There comes a difficult period – a period when the primordial Fire stands against the alien Fire. As soon as the white óss Heimdallr, the son of Nine Mothers, blows his golden Gjallarhorn, the battle will continue until the start of the magic rituals of Yule, and the winner will be the strongest. After Samhain, the world is entirely ruled by the power of the element of Fire. Fire devours biomass, and man can´t endure this period of time if he is biomass himself. But fire can´t devour Earth, it is not able to melt the strong stone. It will only make it stronger and harder. Here everyone gets what he deserves.

Extract from Menshikova K.E book

“Health through the Power of the Elements”

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