Menshikova School

«I was in many forms
before I became free...»

The Mabinogion, Cad Goddeu (The battle of the trees)

About Us

Menshikova School is a place to learn magic, the runes, the four elements and the Tarot.

Ksenia Menshikova is the founder and head of the school. She is an author of many books on the development of magical abilities.

The aim of Menshikova School is to transfer to our students the technology and techniques revealing their potential for magic.

Magical consciousness is not a "gift from above." It is the result of self-transformation through will and intelligence – the two qualities that are necessary to become a magician. Our task is to teach you how to use these tools to gain strength and obtain knowledge in Magic.

Menshikova School has several faculties in different disciplines. The goal of every one of them is to uncover and develop the ability for magic based on the individual characteristics of each student. At present, the following faculties are constantly working:

Foundation Department; Elemental Department; Runic Department; Tarot Department; Ad Lib Department.


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